2014 Emergency Medicine Resident Lectures

Penetrating Trauma
William Mallon, MD

ECG Potpourri 11/2014
Ray Fowler, MD
N.R. Zenarosa, MD
Leadership in Patient Satisfaction
Tracy Sanson, MD
Evaluation and Treatment of Non ST Elevation ACS by the ER Physician
James de Lemos, MD
Shake and Bake
Samir Shahani, MD
12-Lead Interpretation
Ray Fowler, MD
Cardiac Risk Stratification:
Appropriate Evaluation of
Chest Pain Patients
Deborah Dierks, MD
Stacy Hail, MD
Mother Nature's Killers
Nancy Onisko, MD
Interpretation of Bradycardia
Ray Fowler, MD
Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
Ray Swienton, MD
The Art of Self-Defense
Jeff Metzger, MD

Cases in Surgical Critical Care
Chris Couch, MD

Approaching Block
Ray Fowler, MD

The Difficult Airway and
The air-Q
Lynn Roppolo, MD

Infections Above the Clavicles
Walter Green, MD

Pediatric Respiratory Illness
in the ED
Andrea Diebel, MD