2012 Resident Lectures

Emergencies in EOM
Paul Tiwana, MD
HEENT Board Review
Jeffrey Van Dermark, MD
ENT Problems
Teresa Chan, MD
Nathan Trayner, MD
Airway The Right Way
Joe Young, MD
Vancomycin Dosing in the ER
Jessica Southward, PharmD
Medicine in Ethiopia
Jeremy Gabrysch, MD


ER Management of Vaginal Bleeding
Elysia Moschos, MD
Bradycardia and Blocks
James Atkins, MD
Perinatal Principles in Toxicology
G. Patrick Daubert, MD
Fever, Cough...
Should Be a Quick One...
Kyle Vannguyen, MD
Jeffrey Van Dermark, MD  
Chris Philips, MD

Pharmacology for Critical Patients
In The ED
Hugo Basterrechea, MD
Opthalmologic Emergencies Suicide Screening and Risk Assessment
Fuad Khan, MD
Kim Roaten PhD
James Atkins, MD
John Pease, MD
Evaluation and Treatment of
ER Psych Patients
Leslie Zun, MD
AMI ECGs The Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon Hemodynamic Kills

Robert McClelland and JFK